Rise Above Your Legal Competition with Redress ATE

Competition is everywhere you look; it’s in a bookstore trying to sell more books, in a concrete company trying to repair more driveways, and in a law firm trying to get more clients. What’s unifying about competition is the fact that everyone tries. You’re not the only law firm that wants more clients; your competition has that growth goal, too.

While growth and the accumulation of more personal injury clients is a reasonable goal, fulfilling it can pose a challenge. Rising above the noise of your competitors is imperative, and Redress ATE is the key. When you have Redress ATE, your clients are better-taken care of.

Why Choose Redress Risk Management? 

Redress Risk Management is an independent insurance brokerage located in Edmonton, Alberta. We are the only provider of ATE insurance offered by Arch Insurance Canada in the country. They are a gold standard insurance company with high-quality products, some of which are specifically designed for personal injury clients.

One of our top priorities at Redress is to address the unique needs of law firms and the needs of your clients. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, well, we can certainly help you with that. We have the authority to create policies for you (at no additional cost) without waiting for a long approval period. We can quickly deliver to keep you and your clients happy.

Redress Risk Management stands for reliability, integrity, transparency, and trust. You can trust ATE insurance to distinguish yourself from legal competitors near and far. You can rely on us to help you successfully implement an ATE insurance program.

If you want to be the best, you need to offer more than just your services. You need to offer something to your clients that brings them additional value. You need to offer them Redress ATE. By offering this insurance coverage, you’ll rise above your competitors.