After the Event Insurance is Your Competitive Advantage

Distinguishing your legal practice from others in your city can be challenging. You offer the same services, but your firm is better. Now, how do you get prospective clients to realize that?

Taking the time to get to know your client, along with bringing them more value than the services you can provide them with will help your law practice differentiate itself from others; the first often makes the second part easier. To give your personal injury clients more value, you can easily accomplish that with Redress after the event insurance (RATE).

After the Event Insurance Basics

Redress ATE is a Canadian risk management product from Arch insurance that provides certainty to clients during legal proceedings. Purchased by the client, this insurance coverage covers costs and disbursements, but not the client’s lawyer fees. The premium for the policy is payable only if a settlement is received by your client. If the case is unsuccessful, the policy premium is waived.

How Does Redress ATE Give You a Leg up?

When you know your personal injury client better, you’ll be able to read them and get a feel for how they will react to new developments in their settlement case. If your client is starting to question the outcome, Redress ATE is a unique add on that can give them peace of mind. Having this insurance in their back pocket ensures some financial assistance will be received in the event that their case is unsuccessful.

This kind of value add reduces some of the risk associated with personal injury cases. By suggesting Redress ATE, it shows you know your client (specifically their risk tolerance) and can offer them something of value beyond the scope of your services. Plus, they’ll appreciate that you’re going above and beyond what you need to do. What other law firms are offering that kind of value to their clients? There probably isn’t many.

Redress ATE insurance is a unique value-add solution you can offer clients to give them confidence in their case. Its presence reduces the financial risk, which can be appreciated by all your clients. Who doesn’t want to save money when they can? By offering Redress ATE, your clients will receive exceptional value and service, which they can be sure to mention to friends, family, and others.