How Law Firms can Stay Competitive in a Growing Market

Law firms don’t have it easy. With many firms often operating within the same city limits, it can be hard to differentiate your practice from the slew of others also looking for attention and clients. It can seem like clients sometimes just play eeny meeny miny moe when trying to pick a law firm to meet their legal needs instead of looking at a practice’s merits.

Competition is now fiercer than ever as the legal market continues to become overcrowded with new players, different business models, and an ambitious generation of new lawyers. The fact of the matter is, though, that several law practices basically do the exact same thing as the next one in terms of the services they provide. So how do you make your law practice stand out? Well, you need to start by differentiating yourself from competitors, so clients choose you for the right reasons.

Keep Your Law Practice Competitive with These Tips

One of the best ways to get a leg up on your legal competition is to bring more value to your clients. A successful firm requires so much more than knowledge of laws and regulations; that’s where the value add comes in. Adding value can mean giving a client more focused solutions with the least amount of cost and risk. For example, the law may state a straightforward answer to a legal question, which may leave a client unhappy. A value add solution would be to suggest creative ways or alternative methods around the problem so the client can still achieve what they wish to do. Adding value is essentially being proactive for clients while thinking outside the conventional box.

Of course, there are several other ways in which your law practice can provide your clients with more value. This does require a higher amount of engagement on your end, though. Further examples can include creating an exchange with clients through client webinars on legal topics of interest to them, speaking at conferences and sending legal updates so clients are up to speed on information they should know, and publishing articles in trade press.

Another way to rise above the noise of your competition is to simply be human. Smaller firms may be better able to do this than larger ones. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the legality of cases, and billing, and paperwork, and forget about the person who you’re doing this all for. If you take the time to really listen to the pain points and worries of your client, you’ll create a connection that won’t be forgotten by them. Talking with them will also put them at ease about their current legal situation. Clients who feel understood and valued by their legal representation will refer others who want a lawyer just like that.

Competition has a way of determining who the best is. If you want your law practice to attract more clients, think of ways in which you can bring them more value, and treat all your clients empathetically. Doing so will help your firm stand out among a sea of others.